Press Release

CUA launches new Online Transaction Account Solution, using Cloudcase

Cloudcase Software Solutions Pty Ltd, a resident of Sydney fintech hub Stone & Chalk, has completed implementation of the Cloudcase Originations Solution  at CUA, Australia’s largest member-owned financial services provider, and successfully launched online account opening for the CUA Everyday transaction account, and an online application form for the CUA Credit Card.

Cloudcase is a banking software solution providing financial institutions with the ability to configure their own product origination solutions using a digital acceleration platform.

Cloudcase provides financial institutions with the capability to configure and deploy all deposit and loan products on a single software platform, for any bank sales channel, on any device, accessible by users anytime, anywhere.

CUA’s Chief Digital Officer, Sue Coulter, said: “Cloudcase is an innovative digital solution. CUA is focused on delivering digital tools that enhance the member’s experience with CUA, and the configurable nature of the Cloudcase solution allowed for flexibility to match CUA’s needs.”

Ms Coulter added: “We set Cloudcase and the CUA project team an ambitious timeline to deliver the project so we could offer our members the convenience and benefits of online account opening as early as practical. The final result was delivered in 14 weeks. As a result, we can now offer people a way to join CUA and open an Everyday transaction account online.”

CUA’s online account opening solution for the CUA Everyday account provides new members with a straight-through-process which can be undertaken in a few easy steps.

The Online Transaction Account origination process includes member information capture, electronic identity verification, member notification, member record and account creation. Cloudcase is even capable of providing automated workflow, case management, credit worthiness and scorecard assessments on loan origination processes.

CSS’s Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, Roger Manu, commented by saying “We are absolutely delighted to be associated with CUA, and even happier in meeting CUA’s challenging timeline to deliver an Online Transaction Account solution that can originate new members in a convenient and frictionless manner.”

CSS is a fintech resident at Sydney fintech hub Stone and Chalk, where CUA is a foundation partner. Stone & Chalk is an independent, not-for-profit fintech hub whose overarching objective is to help foster and accelerate the development of world-leading Fintech start-ups.

Stone & Chalk’s Chief Executive Officer, Alex Scandurra was most supportive of Cloudcase’s achievements, saying “Cloudcase is a great example of how collaboration between top start-ups and incumbents can lead to great win-win outcomes. Cloudcase has created a brilliant enterprise grade origination platform that is providing a great experience for CUA members and colleagues. I’m so pleased that Stone and Chalk, through its partner network and programs has been able to play its part in bridging the divide between start-ups and large organisations.”

Earlier this year, Cloudcase took part in KPMG Australia’s newly launched fintech accelerator, mLabs. mLabs was established to connect fintechs with Australian banks and financial institutions. Cloudcase was one of the 14 Australian start-ups selected for the first iteration of the mLabs accelerator.