Press Release

TSB Bank (New Zealand) launches new Lending Application System

Cloudcase Software Solutions is pleased to have been involved in the implementation of TSB Bank’s new lending application system. Cloudcase develops innovative technologies to empower financial institutions with the skills to provide the best customer services available in the market. Our configurable originations solution provides clients with the capability to configure and deploy any deposit or loan products on a single software platform, across any banking sales channel, on any device, accessible by all users anytime, anywhere.

The new home loan origination solution for front line teams that Cloudcase completed for TSB Bank will provide employees with increased internal process efficiency whilst reducing the time to process a home loan enquiry with a customer.

The system was implemented in October 2016 and included approximately 70% of TSB Bank’s residential loan book. The project was a joint implementation between Cloudcase and our system integration partner, TSWG.

TSB Bank’s Cloudcase solution currently includes customer information capture, workflow collaboration and authority delegation, case management, customer notifications as well as document and contract generation. Cloudcase has also been integrated with:

  • TSB Bank’s core banking system in order to reduce manual information entry,
  • CoreLogic to pre-populate property information, and
  • Decision Intellect for credit worthiness and scorecard assessments allowing staff to have assurance around the decision they are making.

Steve O’Shea, TSB Bank’s GM Customer Sales & Service, emphasised the importance of the project to the bank. “Cloudcase’s innovative approach allowed us to focus on enhancing our service internally and externally,” says Mr O’Shea, “The configurable aspects of the Cloudcase solution has allowed us to improve our interim processes and provides the foundation to deliver a quality customer experience”.

In the coming months, we anticipate completing the extension of the solution for TSB Bank to originate complex trust structures and personal loans.

“This has been a rewarding project to be involved in,” says Cloudcase’s Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, Roger Manu, “We have provided TSB Bank with a home loan originations solution implemented in an aggressive timeline and we believe TSB Bank will be leading the market in originations excellence as a result”.