Press Release

Cloudcase joins Europe’s Fintech Fusion

Cloudcase Software Solutions Pty Ltd (CSS) has been accepted as a non-resident member of Switzerland’s global fintech hub, Fintech FUSION, to bring their Cloudcase Software Solution (Cloudcase) to Europe.

Cloudcase is an enterprise grade banking software solution providing financial institutions with the ability to configure, build and launch their own product solutions using a digital acceleration platform. To date, Cloudcase have specialised in product origination and robo-advice as two distinctive solution areas.

For product origination, Cloudcase provides financial institutions with the capability to configure and deploy any deposit and loan products on a single software platform, for any bank sales channel, on any device, accessible by all users anytime, anywhere.

In the robo-advice space, Cloudcase has delivered a world’s first configuration of portfolio matching large rules sets, across multiple financial goals and strategies to provide wealth management product advice and fulfilment.

Fintech FUSION’s Managing Partner, Guillaume Dubray said, “Fusion actively seek to include the world’s best financial technology innovators into our fintech hub. Cloudcase had the vision to develop a unique solution that meets digital banking requirements for financial institution’s globally, so we wanted them onboard”.

Mr Dubray added, “Not only is Cloudcase innovative software, the company has the people, processes and are proven in delivery with an installed customer base throughout Australia and New Zealand. We are confident we can help to introduce Cloudcase to the European market”.

Cloudcase’s new mortgage origination solution, for example, can provide financial institutions with the ability to respond to any customer’s home loan enquiry in a frictionless manner. The solution can issue banking customers with a conditional loan offer, or full loan approval under an automated straight-through-process loan assessment, which can be undertaken in a few easy steps.

Cloudcase’s Managing Director, John Neromiliotis made the statement, “Endless hours of thought leadership and creative problem solving has gone into our Cloudcase Software Solution over many years. It’s success in as little as 12 months in the Australian banking and financial service industry is testament to the contribution Cloudcase has made to innovation in the Digital Banking space.

Cloudcase’s end-to-end robotic process capabilities includes customer information capture, electronic identity verification, credit worthiness and scorecard assessments, workflow collaboration and authority delegation, case management, customer notifications, document and contract generation, customer record and account creation.

CSS’s Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, Roger Manu, commented by saying, “CSS are delighted to part of Fintech FUSION. We will actively work with the FUSION team to service the European marketplace with our leading edge solution. Our relationship with FUSION is proof that innovative Australian companies can expand and support international customers through strong partnering relationships”