Press Release

Regional Australia Bank launches Credit Cards and Personal Loans on Cloudcase


Regional Australia Bank went live last week with their new digital platform solution, which allows customers to apply for credit cards and personal loans either on their mobile phones, at home using the web, or at a branch assisted by branch staff. The new omni-channel digital solution is an innovative technology developed by Cloudcase Software Solutions (CSS), designed to empower financial institutions to provide the best customer experience possible. 

Regional Australia Bank’s new product solution for credit cards and personal loans will automatically assess credit worthiness, whilst supporting internal workflow and approval processes to deliver a transparent and collaborative customer experience, all the way through the customer on-boarding journey.

Kevin Dupe, Regional Australia Bank’s CEO, emphasised the importance of Cloudcase to the banks digital strategy. “There are a lot of people now connecting with the Regional Australia Bank proposition, many of whom are outside our physical branch footprint. The Cloudcase Solution will help facilitate geographic expansion by providing 24/7 access to our lending services – particularly for the less complex ‘retail’ side of our business. Working with the team at Cloudcase has been a great experience for everyone involved.  We’ve certainly appreciated their experience and involvement to date and are looking forward to implementing the next wave of our digital acquisition strategy.”

As part of their digital customer strategy, Regional Australia Bank will extend Cloudcase into mortgage origination and customer onboarding to complete their digital transformation strategy.

Campbell Nicoll, Regional Australia Bank’s CRO, expressed his confidence with the system’s ability for auto-assessment and straight-through-processing. “For us it’s all about providing our customers with what they want, when they want it. Being able to provide approval via auto-assessment outside of business hours is a great step forward in advancing our acquisition capability. With Credit Card and Personal Loan applications now live online via our website, in addition to the bespoke UNE course finance option, Regional Australia Bank are now really starting to expand our virtual offerings for the retail consumer.”

Cloudcase is a highly sophisticated omni-product and omni-channel, fully configurable case management solution offered as a single software platform. It is an advanced inference framework, designed to minimise customer friction through end-to-end digital business process automation and case management. It encapsulates bi-directional forms, workflow, rules based decisioning and document generation into a single platform. Designed and supported by CSS, Cloudcase is the latest evolution of onboarding and originations platforms.