We want to transform complex business processes.
We have helped our customers change their businesses rapidly - structurally and culturally because we have the best values in place.
SOC II - Type 2
ISO/IEC - 27001 :2022 ISMS

Our Story & Mission

Cloudcase Software Solutions is a specialised software company focused on providing clients innovative customer origination solutions for the banking & financial services sector. Founded in 2015 in Sydney, Australia, the Cloudcase team’s competencies and capabilities include;
  • Sales and distribution
  • Support and maintenance
  • Delivery
  • Data centre hosting and consulting*
*to support our enterprise grade solution.

Our Team

You may be unsurprised to find that culture manifests a little differently in a remote-first company. Culture at Cloudcase, however, continues to tie closely to our company values and our ultimate vision to create innovation and simplicity.
Key people
Roger Manu
CEO & Co-Founder
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John Neromiliotis
CFO & Co-Founder
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Rian Fergusson
CTO & Co-Founder
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Jim Drainas
GM & Co-Founder
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A circular gradient diagram using Cloudcase brand colours with logo in the middle


Act ethically
  • Equality & diversity
  • Honesty
  • Credibility
  • Trust
Act empathetically
  • Listen to one another
  • Respect
  • Understanding
  • Courage
Act logically
  • Experience
  • Learning
  • Envisioning
  • Perseverance
Originally coined in the 4th century B.C.E by Greek philosopher, Aristotle, Ethos, Pathos, Logos was a tool of persuasion. Ethics being a derivative of the word, ‘Ethos’ established the speaker’s credibility. Pathos appealed to the audience’s emotions and attempted to generate empathy. Logos ensured the arguments were sound and logical.

At Cloudcase, we take this tool of persuasion and instead treat it as a tool for decision making and, more broadly, a tool for how we treat one another and our clients.


People sometimes ask us what culture looks like in a company that works remote-first. Culture at Cloudcase ties in closely with our company values.
We form camaraderie through regular online meetings and monthly social events for those who want to join. Cloudcase culture is the perfect balance of connection while working remotely.

Life at Cloudcase

A few words from our staff and their experiences in working within our talent team.
"At Cloudcase, I have been encouraged to constantly learn and grow, and been given meaningful career opportunities as a result. The friendly, supportive culture and flexible working conditions are incredible, while the work is challenging and engaging.

I have the privilege of working closely with our clients, and I am proud of the positive relationships we build with them.

Cloudcase builds exceptional software and being part of the team delivering it to our clients is extremely rewarding."
Edward Steven
Platform Director
"What's stood out to me at Cloudcase is how everyone on the team is involved and valued. It's a collaborative environment where your opinions matter and your work is recognised. It's not about titles or hierarchy; everyone has a say, and everyone's contribution is appreciated.

Equally, the work itself is both challenging and engaging. We're creating products that have a real impact on the banking industry. Both as an engineer and working in product, I've had direct engagement and feedback from customers, and seeing how our tools affect large businesses for the better is incredibly satisfying."
Connor Hendicott
Product Director
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"A really fantastic and rewarding place to work! I go to work each day with confidence that I can push the boundaries in my field and get positive feedback from my immediate team and wider company, which I believe results in the very best software for our customers.

At Cloudcase you always feel included and they make an effort to nurture and foster skills paired with a respectful company ethos which helps maintain a great work life balance. And should I need it, I know my colleagues and managers will be there in support. This has enabled me to have a wide reaching input, from UX/UI, product design, design systems, digital and marketing materials. You couldn’t go far wrong with a career at Cloudcase."
Robert Napier
UX/UI Designer
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"I started my software development career as an intern and now have completed one year at Cloudcase. I feel inspired and supportive all the time that every colleague is ready to help without a second thought. I find the culture open and transparent enough to encourage thinking out loud. Working around like-minded people helps me get outside my comfort zone, enhance my knowledge and capabilities.I look forward to being a part of the Cloudcase family for a long time to come!"
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Wei Liu
Software Consultant
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"Cloudcase offers a flexible work environment with exposure to the complete functional spectrum of a Technology "scaleup" company. Quality is a core currency of the culture, and a flat hierarchy finds colleagues just as likely being founders as being employees.
This corporate structure encourages innovation at every level."
Profile photo of John Millar
John Millar
Integration Director
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Cloudcase operates the latest cybersecurity solutions and functions on a 24 x 7 basis that guard against an ever growing cyber threat landscape to achieve a high security posture for our cloud systems.
SOC II - Type 2
ISO/IEC - 27001 :2022 ISMS
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