A sophisticated rules driven case management platform.
Cloudcase is a single fully integrated platform with rules driven conversational forms and workflow, powered by a sophisticated reasoning engine providing a best-in-class business process automation framework.

Cloudcase Core

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A multivariant rules engine designed to automate the most complex decisioning processes as part of an end to end onboarding nd originations process, all as a single platform.
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A native fully conversational user interface that gives all customers and stakeholders a unique experience specific to their role and/or requirements.
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Get the workflow you want. Designed to automate the most complex of processes, Cloudcase workflow can be tailored easily to your specific requirements.
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Cloudcase integrates to virtaully all and any platforms at speed. No more lenghty, costly and failed project. With no known limitation on integration points Cloudcase even intgerates with sytems that have no API's or webservices.
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Exceptional usability


Manage cases & applications as well as configuration through the desired workflow
Modern interface
User Permissions
White Labelling
Edit Interview
Version Control
Priority labelling
Doc. management


Brokers / agents who act as the contact point to the institution on the customers behalf.
Modern Interface
Priority labelling
Agent access
White labelling
Task tracking
Notification updates
Version control
3-way messaging
Doc. management


Where your customers interact with Cloudcase with styling customised to your brand.
User centred design
Real-time feedback
Email comms
Branded interface
Identification checks
Conditional approval
Digital signing
Intuitive navigation
2-way Messaging


Enabling your partners to integrate with your business processes running on Cloudcase.
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Our Delivery Process

You get what you want with our agile delivery methodology, combined with the domain expertise of our delivery team with the unique capabilities of the Cloudcase Platform, means that



We get to know your business needs, how you operate and your future ambitions to deliver the very best experience working with us and prepare you for your new Cloudcase Platform.



Cloudcase's unique abstraction layer on top of our low code platform allows for rapid configuration of highly complex business processes. Become self sufficient or utilise Cloudcase professional services.



Cloudcase delivers capability to UAT in rapid timeframes, leaving the competition in the dust.


Go Live!

Cloudcase, Simpler, Faster and Better than any low code platform in the world. Worlds best practice delivery of simple and highly complex business processes.
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Designed to be Flexible

The Cloudcase platform is quite unique in that it is designed and configured to allow financial institutions to implement, transform and innovate at speed. Cloudcase customers have changed their businesses rapidly - structurally and culturally.
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Grow your revenue,
improve operational efficiency
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Cloudcase security

Cloudcase operates the latest cybersecurity solutions and functions on a 24 x 7 basis that guard against an ever growing cyber threat landscape to achieve a high security posture for our cloud systems.
SOC II - Type 2
ISO/IEC - 27001 :2022 ISMS
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