February 28, 2024

Cloudcase and AI – The future of process automation

At Cloudcase we have a completely different way of thinking about and applying AI.

Rian Fergusson, Cloudcase’s co-founder and CTO, believes the industry's current focus on using AI to streamline specific process steps, such as just enhancing the data collection of a loan origination processes, is fundamentally flawed.

Fergusson states that “this approach is based on the outdated concept of what automation is, while being constrained by the capabilities of existing business process management technologies.”

At Cloudcase, we’ve taken a unique approach to process configuration from the company’s inception. We developed a proprietary programming language for business process configuration. This means every aspect of a process, from data capture forms, business rules and policies, integration connectors, document templates and workflow logic, is defined in our own domain specific language.

“This 'Process Source Code' runs on the Cloudcase Platform, akin to how Excel workbooks executes on the Excel application. It incorporates all of the complex decision-making rules and policies for processes like loan origination”, says Fergusson.

Having the entire process defined in one 'Process Source Code' enables Cloudcase to take advantage of AI’s generative capabilities in a way other systems cannot. The AI can learn from the 'Process Source Code' because all details of the process are in text, enabling it to detect and improve the process it based on natural language commands.

Our recent proof of vision demonstrated this capability. We leveraged AI to modify a step on a loan originations process. The AI successfully exported the process from Cloudcase, generated new Process Source Code, and applied the changes -- all without human intervention.

This example underscores the inevitable disruption AI will bring, highlighting the transformative potential of generative AI to accelerate business process management.

Fergusson envisage a future where business processes are configured by AI models based on insights the gleaned from the very process it configures and Cloudcase is already taking steps towards this exciting future.


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