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Embrace your complexity; scale & adapt
Cloudcase is uniquely placed to deliver a solution that will allow institutions to deliver on requirements today but also scale effortlessly in volume, product range and complexity, in the future.

Any Process,
One Platform

Personal Loan
Credit Card
Small Bus. Loans
Business / Agri Loan
Home line of Credit
Vehicle Loans
Student Loans
Buy Now Pay Later
Reverse Mortgage
Retail Banking
Commercial Banking
Wealth Management
Private Banking
Transaction Account
Term Deposit
Growth Bond
Foreign Exchange
Wire Transfers
Insurance Claims
Incident Investigation


Implementation Success Rate

Financial services

Loans & Instalments

End-to-end digital originations, your way.
  • Originate any retail & commerical loans & installments
  • real-time & omnichannel stakeholder experience
  • configured to your process
  • continuous delivery & process improvement
  • fully auditable & explainable
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Our Projects

The Cloudcase platform is quite unique in that it is designed and configured to allow financial institutions to implement, transform and innovate at speed.

“Digitally transform to geographically scale”​

Contact to contract in 40 mins anywhere
Enabled complete business transformation​
Doubled Loan Book with same staff numbers​
Integrated into 12 systems​
Optimised automated processes to support new lending legislation / regulation (only bank to do so)​
Personal Loan
Agri Loan
Online, Branch, Call Center

"Customers are already benefiting from the new lending system through real-time loan application progress updates, improved continuity between all channels and much faster processing and turn-around times. With full end to end home loans approved in as little as 30 minutes this technology is a game changer"

GM Sales & Distribution

“Automate everything””

First loan originated using ​Open Banking data
Deep automation even with legacy Core Banking System​
First to market with innovative omni-channel customer flow​
First live accredited Open Banking Data Recipient​
Cloudcase Virtual API to integrate into legacy systems
Best ‘Return On Assets’ in segment through automation​
Live in 7 months across all channels
Regional Australia Bank Logo
Personal Loan
Commercial Card
Online, Branch, Call Center, Broker / Intermediary​

“Acquiring a platform of this nature is more than the technology itself. It’s about finding the right partner. The Cloudcase team have the domain expertise and cultural DNA for the banking and financial services sector. They understand that institutions like ours require responsive, timely and efficient turn around in servicing our customers.”​


“Become a self-reliant digital bank”

500 self-reliant configuration updates in first year
Client is self-sufficient and deployed products by themselves​
Fastest mortgage approval times in the market​
Integrated into 15 systems​
Live in 7 months across all channels​
Personal Loan
Commercial Card
Reverse Mortgage
Online, Branch, Call Center, Broker / Intermediary​

“Cloudcase equips us to work with our core platform or any other vendor in an environment where we are not bound by excruciating linkages that require time and monies for maintenance and development. We can change, modify, create new or decommission systems at speeds we have not seen before. “

GM Systems

”Single lending platform to drive organization”​

3 Products delivered concurrently in 8 months
Largest business transformation with the first major tech project in 10 years
Regtech Arbitrage with first to market automated lending processes to support new responsible lending regulations
Integrated into 18 systems
Deployed across Broker and Auto Dealer channels as well as B2B Case Receiver API’s
Personal Loan
Auto Loan​
Online, Call Center, Broker / Intermediary, White Label​

"One of our biggest recent successes was the deployment of our online loan application software. We knew that our customers wanted faster turnarounds and more transparency around their applications, while the introducers wanted to reduce the number of individual applications they had to make on their customers behalf"


"Digital Transformation & Modernisation"

First Full Business Transformation Since Incorporation
Major business transformation for whole of bank
Home Loans, and Personal Loans including Auto Finance
First integrated Mutual Bank using new Data Action API’s
Defence Bank's logo
Home Loans
Personal Loan
incl. Auto finance
SaaS Hosted (AWS)
Branch, On-Line Customer, Direct, Customer Service Desk and Broker

"The adoption of the Cloudcase digital solution is an exciting collaboration which will soon be extended to home loans, credit cards and overdrafts, following positive feedback from both Members and the Defence Bank team. Our pilot on personal loans revealed a completely paperless digital solution providing approvals within 30 seconds and funding within 20 minutes where members had all necessary documentation"


“People-first Digital Operations”

Digitizing Transaction Services*
Client is self-sufficient and deployed products by themselves​
Configured initial process in less than one month
Completing under budget​
Expand service capacity with same staff
*Enabled Fintech to custom SMB Loan in 4 Months​​
Wire Transfers
Ag Supplier Loan
Small Biz Loan
Transaction Services, Lending Operations​
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Financial services

Deposits & Investments

End-to-end digital onboarding, your way.
  • Onboard any retail & commerical customer
  • real-time & omnichannel stakeholder experience
  • continuous delivery & process improvement
  • fully auditable & explainable
Financial services

Payments & Insurance

Digital payments operations, your way.
  • Automating intelligent payment operations
  • configured to your process, complex rules
  • continuous delivery & process improvement
  • fully auditable & explainable


End-to-end digital onboarding, your way.
  • Onboard any retail & commerical customer
  • real-time & omnichannel stakeholder experience
  • continuous delivery & process improvement
  • fully auditable & explainable


Global Support for Global Banking
  • 24/7 Support
  • Professional Services
  • Training & Certification
  • Research & Development
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30+ Ecosystem Vendors

Just some of the ecosystems and technologies that Cloudcase works with.
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • BankOnIT
  • IF Digital
  • Temenos
  • Fiserv
  • Ultradata
  • Data Action
  • Jade
  • FIS
  • Visa
  • Experian
  • Dun and Bradstreet
  • Illion
  • Equifax
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Basiq
  • LIXI
  • Mastersoft
  • GreenID
  • Insight Data Services
  • Valocity
  • Docusign
  • QBE LMI Insurance
  • Property IQ
  • CoreLogic
  • Secured Signing
  • PPSR
  • Genworth

Business Processes

Digitize your processes, your way
  • End-to-end digitization of complex processes
  • scalable across enterprise
  • fully auditable & transparent
  • Configured to your process
  • continuous delivery & process improvement
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